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Rating Top user
Top quest doers IamAzrail
Top unique quest doers xAsket
Killed by players top Пуджь
Killed by NPC top S63_AMG
Mutant food top 69сантехник
Killed by anomalies top Kurbats
Player killers top Пуджь
Quest NPC killers top Безумный_Гробовщик
Base captures: Private killers top бародатый
Base captures: Corporal killers top бародатый
Base captures: Sergeant killers top Drive122
Artifact capture 1: Wins top самса
Artifact capture 1: Loss top языч
Artifact capture 1: Draw top ооКОТоо
Artifact capture 2: Wins top самса1
Artifact capture 2: Loss top суслик21
Artifact capture 2: Draw top Derektor
Artifact capture 3: Wins top СимоХяюхя
Artifact capture 3: Loss top водопромм
Artifact capture 3: Draw top Neposeda
Artifact capture 4: Wins top Армох
Artifact capture 4: Loss top Ramzess
Artifact capture 4: Draw top Чертенок_вКедах
Survival 1: Wins top МиноИскатель
Survival 1: Loss top былой1
Survival 1: Draw top ХиМиК_РаЗВеДчИк
Survival 2: Wins top RidigLad
Survival 2: Loss top Андрей2015
Survival 2: Draw top конспиратор
Survival 3: Wins top Rizole
Survival 3: Loss top Андрей2015
Survival 3: Draw top Бикус
Survival 4: Wins top maestro78
Survival 4: Loss top maestro78
Survival 4: Draw top maestro78
Capture base. The gold arena: Wins top S63_AMG
Capture base. The gold arena: Loss top БАТЯНЯ_КОМБАТ