Brutor Hunt Event!

16 July, 2021
In the mountains and dungeons of the Zone it is easy to meet Brutors, fortified mutants, rumored to eat stones. The vigorous activity of Brutors leads to landslides and earthquakes ...In other words, it creates dangers that are already many here. Seismologists and geologists recommend reducing the population of mutants as soon as possible.
From 17.07 (00:00 MSK) to 18.07 (23:59 MSK) - defeat regular (not rare or "killer" class) brutors. The stalker who killed the largest number of brutors in the allotted days wins.
To get points you need to hunt mutants, whose killing brings you more than 5 EXP.
Winners from the main servers (RU, PvP, PvE) will receive prizes:
1 place
Artifact "Piedmont Brutor Whistle" (60 days)
Nuclear Grenade - 5 pcs.
A-Zone pins - 90 pcs.
2 place
Box of Humanitarian Aid - 5 pcs.
Syringe with Adrenaline (personal) - 10 pcs.
A-Zone pins - 60 pcs.
3 place
Syringe with Adrenaline (personal) - 5 pcs.
A-Zone pins - 40 pcs.
4 - 15 places
A-Zone pins - 30 pcs.
Good luck!