Autumn cleaning - Event

3 September, 2020
From 05.09 - 00:00 to 06.09 - 23:59 (by Moscow time), a hunt for Rats, Brownies and Hobgoblins announced (except for the "killer" class). Only those mutants are counted, victory over which brings more than 5 experience points.
ATTENTION! To get to the top, you need to kill at least one Rat and one Brownie or Hobgoblin!
Top three winners from main servers (RU, PvP, PvE) will receive prizes:
Medical Mask (DG-Camo, 30 days)
Old Stalker's Journal (14 days)
Top 15 hunters will get 50 A-Zone pins each.
Also, from 04.09 (11:00 MSK) to 07.09 (11:00 MSK), the Recruiters' quest "Autumn Festival" is available for all newcomers to the Zone (those who have not done the quest yet), to get fruits, caps and warm sweaters. Seasoned stalkers can also take it, but only for consumables fruits as the reward.
Good luck!