Champions of Arenas - July

24 July, 2020
From 00:00 on 25.07 till 23:59 on 26.07 (Moscow time) win as many times as you can on Arenas.
Three winners from each server (RU, PvP, PvE), who have get the most wins, will receive prizes:
"Seven Years" Complete Set (60 days) in Box (60 days)
RGO Frag Grenade - 5 pcs.
Injector with Purified "Hellcat" - 10 pcs.
In addition, any participant from RU server will receive 40 "A-Zone" pins for every 100 wins and any participant from PvE and PvP servers will get 20 "A-Zone" pins for every 50 wins!
Good luck!