Champions of Arenas Event (June)

17 June, 2020
The Elders of the Zone decided to identify the best stalkers-fighters of the current month and for this purpose organized battles in the Arenas between stalkers.
On 21.06.2020, from 00:00 till 23:59 (MSK), win as many times as you can on Arenas.
You can buy Arena tickets from NPC Bookmaker. The Arena window is opened by the "Y" key.
A stalker who win the most matches in the allotted time in the Arenas will became the winner.
1 place - 
"Vityaz" SMG 
Syringe with Adrenaline (personal) - 10 pcs.
2 place - 
"Bear" Exoskeleton
"Honey" Charged Block - 5 pcs.
3 place - 
Box of Humanitarian Aid - 10 pcs.
In addition, any participant from RU and PvP servers will receive 40 "A-Zone" pins for every 100 wins, while any participant from PvE server will get 20 "A-Zone" pins for every 50 wins.
Good luck!