Game Rules

8 years ago

1. General terms

1.1. All the Users shall obey the Anomaly Zone game rules (hereinafter referred to as the Game). Besides the Game Rules the Users shall comply with the User Agreement. Control of the compliance with the Game Rules is carried out by the CTS Games company and its legal representatives (together - the Administration), also by volunteer assistants: Censors, Moderators and Supermoderators.

1.2. By confirming your site registration, you automatically agree with the rules of the forum, the game and the License agreement. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

1.3. Cybertime Games company is entitled to limit access to the Game, the Forum or any other game sources for any User at any time in case violation of the Game Rules or the User Agreement violation. In this case limited access can be applied to the User simultaneously in the Game, the Forum or other game sources at the discretion of the Administration.

1.4. The Administration is entitled to delete any information posted with the Game Rules or the User Agreement violation of the Game Rules and the User Agreement.

1.5. Here are some of the restrictions which can be applied to the User in case of the violation:

1.5.1. Exclusion from opportunities to send messages in the Game, the Forum or the game channels ranging from one day to the indefinite time period.

1.5.2. Restricted access to the Game, the Forum or the Personal account ranging from 12 hours to the indefinite time period.

1.5.3. Game elements, game achievements or even game currency and other additional game opportunities cancellation without any compensation (including in the form of account recovery to its state before the rules violation), which has been obtained in violation of the Game Rules, the User Agreement or the rules of the relevant actions and competitions.

1.6. Please note that numerous reoccurred violations can lead to the stricter limitations including permanent (indefinite) account lockout.

1.7. The Developers are not obliged to return any items, accounts, characters or their settings, lost for whatever reason.

Exception - the item loss happened due to the fault of the Developers (server recovery, server failure), if the items were received as a result of donate and in case if the loss happened from exactly the same account from which the purchase was accomplished.

1.8. The User can make a complaint about another user during the game: right-click on another user's nickname and select the complaint description from the menu.

1.9. Other complaints, that are lacking in the game menu (including complaints about the Administration, Moderators, Supermoderators and Censors), shall be made in accordance with the Technical Support Rules:

1.10. All responsibility for the actions carried out from the personal account will rest exclusively with the account owner.

2. In the Game, Game Chat and Forum and on any other Anomaly Zone resources it is prohibited to:

2.1. Use other User's account, to sell, to transfer or to buy the Account, including by gift or exchange.

2.2. Use nicknames and other names in the Game (including clan and alliance names) which directly or indirectly:

2.2.1. cause rifts between people on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, gender or any other basis;

2.2.2. contain unquotable or rude, insulting expressions and abbreviations;

2.2.3. directly or indirectly related to sexual intercourse or violence;

2.2.4. related to body description, its biological functions or its developmental characteristics;

2.2.5. contain third parties intellectual property objects without their prior permission;

2.2.6. contain information which can lead to confusion the User for the Administration representative;

2.2.7. contain direct or indirect drugs and alcohol propaganda;

2.2.8. contain pointing at the actions, prohibited by the User Agreement, the Game Rules or Russian legislation.

Nicknames and names that violate the Game Rules will be changed. In this case the related Accounts will be blocked for a reasonable time, needed for such changes.

The Administration is entitled to unilaterally change the User's nickname or the clan name at its own discretion. After renaming the User can contact the Technical Support for the assignment of new name.

2.3. Use curse words, veiled curse words and other profanity and/or to insult other users.

Veiled curse words are equated to profanity, including words and words combinations, written with mistakes or willfully changed, with separated or deleted symbols. Use of offensive or insulting language is also prohibited.

2.4. Use insults that case rifts between people on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, gender or any other basis, insulting family members.

2.5. Post information, distracting the Users from the main topic of conversation and the Game itself (flood), including:

- similar messages (both promotional messages and the Group Recruit's messages) to the game chart more frequently than once in 3 minutes, including those where one or two words have been changed;

- recruit at the same time and place by recruiters of the same group.

2.6. Placement of materials violating Russian legislation.

2.7. Direct or indirect promotion of other online games and any other advertisement not agreed with the Administration.

2.8. Placement of materials of an erotic or porn nature or their links.

2.9. Direct or indirect drugs and alcohol propaganda.

2.10. Discuss modern political issues as considered provoking conflicts.

2.11. Threats against the Users, the Administration, the Censors or any others.

2.12. Insult of the Administration or the Censors and also discussion on their actions in any form.

2.13. Begging (real money transfer requests, game gold or game values transfer requests, etc.) of any form aimed at single or all the Users.

2.14. Post information, containing intention to transfer, sell or buy the Account.

2.15 Post information, containing intention to buy or sell the Game elements or Game currency, weapons, armor, Game resources from/to other User for real money or by electronic means of payment (WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.).

2.16. Distribution of personal information of the third parties without their consent, including: home address, telephone numbers, passport data and other.

2.17. Extortion of the Users personal information, including their accounts logins, passwords and e-mails.

2.18. It's prohibited to post any information in order to gain the access to the Accounts and personal data of the Users, financial and electronic frauds. This information includes, but is not limited to:

2.18.1. Sending to the Users private messages in the name of the Administration or the Censors, including with the offer to install any software.

2.18.2. Impersonating the Administration representatives, the Moderators, the Supermoderators or the Censors.

2.19. Post false information about the Game, the Administration representatives, the Moderators, the Supermoderators or the Censors.

2.20. Publication of private conversations with other Users or the Administration (from private messages or from any other means of communication).

2.21. Instigate the Users to violate the Game Rules, the User Agreement and other terms.

2.22. Use or distribution of information about the ways of causing any harm to the Game, the Administration, the Users or other persons (bots and other programs interfering server software, Game modes, cheats, information about vulnerability of game client, websites, etc.)

2.23. Obtain game elements, game achievements and game currency in violation of the Game Rules, the User Agreement or the conditions of the relevant actions and competitions.

2.24. Willful hindering of interaction between other players and the NPC.

2.25. Use of server errors (bugs). The User who has found the bug shall report to the Technical Support. Help in detecting the bugs is rewarded.

2.26. Killing monsters when they can't hit the player due to the reasons not provided by the Game.

2.27. Dissemination of any confidential information about the Game and its development plan. It can be any information which is not publicly available in the form of official news or press-releases on the Anomaly Zone recourses.

2.28. Use the Game in ways, which are not stipulated in the User Agreement and the Game Rules.

2.29. Actions or posting information, which in the view of the Administration violate the legislation, ethics and morality and considered undesirable.  


3. Game-masters (GM), Censors, Technical Support Experts, Moderators and Supermoderators (hereinafter referred to as Experts)

3.1. Game-masters -- CTS Games company workers and their game characters are the GM clan members.

3.2. Censors -- players, whose main responsibility is to make the game process more comfortable for all the players of the Anomaly Zone project.

3.3. Technical Support Experts, Moderators and Supermoderators -- volunteer assistants chosen by the Administration from players in order to help monitoring the Game Rules and the Forum Rules implementation.

3.4. Experts are obliged to:

3.4.1. Monitor the implementation of the Game Rules and the Forum Rules, keeping impartiality to the personal and clan identity of the perpetrator and to their own personal likes and dislikes towards him.

3.4.2. Impose restrictions on the Game Rules and the Forum Rules violators.

3.4.3. Not interfere in the Game process except for the cases of rules violation, planned activities and current work.

3.5. Experts are not obliged to:

3.5.1. Respond to the Users requests (left to the discretion of the Expert).

3.5.2. Notify the User about the application of restrictions in case of disobedience to rules (left to the discretion of the Expert).

3.5.3. Explain to the User the reasons of the current restriction.

3.6. While interacting with the Experts the Users must:

3.6.1. Check all related forum topics, parts of the site and other official channels of the Anomaly Zone for the answer before addressing to the Experts. The answer might already be there.

3.6.2. Describe the problem correctly.

3.6.3. Contact the Technical Support if there is a dispute, attaching the evidence (video).

3.6.4. In Game, while the Game-master appears near you, to stop all the hostilities if asked to.

3.7. While interacting with the Experts it's forbidden for Users to:

3.7.1. Address the Experts unless absolutely necessary.

3.7.2. Disrespectful attitude, curse words, insults.

3.7.3. Deceive the Experts.

3.7.4. Hinder the Expert's work (by any game or non-game way).

3.7.5. Threats, requests, begging for cancel the block.

3.7.6. Wrangling over the Expert's actions.

3.7.7. Publication of the conversation (or the content of the conversation) with the Expert without his consent.

3.7.8. Incorrect claim to the Expert of Anomaly Zone leads to increase of the punishment period to three days.


4. Final Thesis

4.1. The Administration can add to or change the present Rules to its own discretion.

4.2. The Users shall monitor changes in the present Rules on their own.

4.3 In case of the User's action that is obviously harmful to the Game organization or/and the Game process, but which is not stipulated in the rules, the Administration has the right to punish the User appropriately to the action (up to account canceling).

4.4. In case of repeated violation the punishment period is left to the Expert's discretion, but not shorter than the previous violation of the same rule. The Administration has the right to change the punishment up to account canceling.

4.5. The Rules don't have the retroactive force. If something has been done before the rule prohibiting this action was existed, this particular action must not be punished according to this rule. The Game law is not a case law.