VSS "Sverlo" (D-Camo, 360 days)
Level: 3
Weight: 2.6 кг.
Durability: 187000

A bonus item with limited time of use. This item will disappear after 360 days from the moment of purchase. Silent sniper rifle. Established in CRI "Tochmash" Klimovsk in the early 1980s under the leadership of Peter Serdyukov. Made in Russia for intelligence units and special forces. Thanks to a subsonic cartridge and integrated muffler has a lower noise level and brightness of the flash shots, but the maximum distance of much less than most sniper rifles. A camouflage variant of VSS "Sverlo", perfect for a desert area combat.

Rate of fire 3
Range 180
Damage 20
Armor-piercing 5
Spread 0.0036

Ammo: 9x39 SP5 , 9x39 PAB9 , 9x39 SP6 , 9x39 RB , 9x39 HPT , 9x39 SP5

Tags: No

In-game cost: 173650 Silver